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Old 09-22-2016, 04:35 PM United States
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Default Sealing bottom of wooden cage...

Can I polyurethane the bottom of one of the levels in my chin cage?? I had 3 chins then another was given to me....he came with a 2 level cage. The bottom half is a glass aquarium n the top is made of wood n mesh. The previous owner has had this set up for many of years. The plastic liner pan they had in the bottom of the wooden section has been chewed n really is no longer doing any justice to keep urine and water from soaking into it. Idk what to do.....? I now have 5 chins bc one of my females recently gave birth. I wanted to build a new cage bc I have them in all in 2 cages at the moment but Buddy's cage is starting to smell n I'm constantly changing bedding in both cahes to avoid this but its not working..... help please!!!
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Old 10-30-2016, 03:19 PM United States
Godofgods Godofgods is offline
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You cant use stains or chemicals on there wood. Its also one of the reasons ppl dont use wooden cages to much. The urine will eventually soak into it and become nasty.

Chances are you might need new cages. What kind do you currently have? You cant have them all together in one cage anyway. Youll need a minimum of two/three just to keep the males and females separate. More if they dont get along with each other. Youll also need a baby safe cage for the momma and kit. (bar spacing 1/2" or less.)

What kind of litter are you using? Paper and corn type bedding's are unsafe for chins. You generally want to stick to kiln dried pine or aspen shavings. (Ceder shavings are also toxic)
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