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Chin Health & Hygiene Anything to do with the health or hygiene of a chinchilla - post it here!

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Old 01-21-2019, 06:53 PM United States
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Default Drooling chin

Over the last week, we have noticed our chin seems go be drooling. He is about 9-10 years old and a rescue. Weve had him about 3 years and he gets his fresh hay/new chew toys regularly. I did a little research and saw this could be related to dental trouble. He is still eating fine but hasn't shown much interest in his sticks or chew toys. Any ideas on what might be causing this? I have not yet taken him to the vet but will probably be making an appointnent in the next day or two if he doesn't stop drooling.
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Old 01-21-2019, 10:23 PM Canada
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Most likely some kind of tooth issue, which will require a vet visit to sort out. It could be as simple as something stuck in his teeth, like a piece of hay or wood splinter, he could have bit his cheek, have tooth spurs, over grown teeth, chipped/broke a tooth, or something more serious like malo with root elongation.

You say he is still eating fine, but does that include eating hay? If it's just the drooling and not chewing on sticks and toys, that is mostly things using the front teeth, which you should be able to check yourself. Molars and roots will need an x-ray to properly check.
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Old 04-17-2019, 05:26 PM United States
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It was a dental issue.
He had dental decay which caused some chipped teeth, leading to an oral infection.
We got him to the vet, had him on antibiotics and in for a teeth dremel/radiographs.
Unfortunately, he did not make it through the procedure. The vet said she thought he was older than we originally thought and the anesthesia was just too much for him. Just wanted to send an update. (I never hit subscribe to the post so I didn't see it until now.)

We have since rescued a little girl chinchilla.
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