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Old 03-22-2015, 07:33 PM United States
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Question Looking for log bridges, custom length

I'm looking for custom length log bridges (unsure if that's the term commonly used). I've looked online, and options seem slim.

Does anyone here make them or know where I might order them?
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Old 03-23-2015, 04:58 PM United States
becky12883 becky12883 is offline
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Check out Taylormade Chinchilla on facebook. They do bridges.
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Old 03-24-2015, 09:30 PM United States
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I have a Taylormade bridge. It's very nice and well built and my chin loves it. I will say Im not a huge fan of the hardware it comes with- woodscrews and washers. I much prefer a hangerbolt, washers, and a wingnut. The woodscrews will eventually strip the hole if you rearrange a cage as much as I do, where the hangerbolt and wingnut stay the same and are more friendly to moving stuff around. My chin seems to enjoy the adventure of figuring out a new layout and I enjoy shifting stuff around too, so the hardware is probably fine for others.
I would recommend checking out Taylormade as well as the vendors on the banner at the top of the page and in the for sales classifieds. I know many people make bridges and the prices vary as well as shipping. There's a bunch of people with good prices out west that end up being much more expensive after shipping to Michigan than a more expensive bridge shipped less far. Also, bridges can be bulky and not fill out the box entirely so you may want to look into getting some other stuff from the vendor at the same time. It may not change the shipping cost much- which to be honest gets to be a big % of the stuff I order.
I always hear great stuff on here about twilight chinchillas and whimsey's stuff and Im pretty sure both have bridges.
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