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Hedgehog New Owner Questions If you are a new hedgie owner, this is the forum for you!

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Old 11-19-2014, 10:11 AM United States
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hmmm Is she sick?

So I got my baby hedgehog three weeks ago and she is nine weeks old now. I realize now that's too young. She's pretty jumpy and scared most of the time.but she loves being held in her blanket. But I can't get her to eat dry or alive mealworms, any type of fruit or vegetable or hedgehog food she'll eat expensive cat food but she won't even look at good hedgehog food. She ran on her wheel at first but now she doesn't, spending day and night asleep and now she's pooping and peeing in her bed too. Also she has a bad habit of biting me. I'm very gentle with her and I hold her well. She's also in a quiet dark room. What should I do?
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Old 11-21-2014, 01:25 PM United States
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Is she loosing quills? She might be quilling. That is when they start to get their adult quills. That can be painful for them so be careful of her back. It can also cause them to be quite crabby. It is good that she is eating good cat food, most hedgehogs prefer that over hedgehog food. Even the best hedgehog food is not as good as good cat food. Some hedgehogs just don't like treats but maybe she is still getting used to things and will like them later. Try focusing on one thing like offering her a couple of mealworms for several days in a row. It may take some time for her to figure out they are food.

Babies sleep a lot and poop a lot. But pooping in bed isn't common. Is she warm enough? Depending on where you live it has gotten pretty cold out there. Her cage should be kept in the mid 70s. That is very important. If it is to cold in her cage at night she won't get out of bed and can end up sick or trying to hibernate which could cause her to die. Also you said she is in a quiet dark room. Does she get light during the day? She should have a consistent light cycle. Natural light is best, but if you can't make sure you keep a light on during the day in her room.

Keep holding her and cuddling her. If you are still worried take her to a vet. It doesn't hurt to get a wellness check for your baby and give you piece of mind.
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Old 11-21-2014, 03:46 PM United States
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Thank you!
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