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Chin Behavior & Anatomy Anything to do with a chin's behavior or its anatomy - post it here!

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Old 11-16-2018, 11:45 AM United States
Rivergirl Rivergirl is offline
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Default 4 year old chinchilla can't jump and is uncoordinated

Hi all,

Has anyone had a chinchilla lose its ability to jump and become uncoordinated after dental surgery?

My Otto had an abscessed tooth removed and was put on antibiotic for 7 days. A follow up visit to the vet for his lack of coordination showed he had lost weight from decreased appetite from his meds and my inability to force feed him enough critical care. Otto had a seizure on the 3 hour drive to the vet for his follow up visit which the vet said was likely due to lack of food. But I could not get him to eat that morning before the drive. Vet said he does not have an ear infection and suspects he's just weak from poor nutrition. So I have worked many tricks to get more critical care in him and it's been 2 weeks. He has regained weight and is fairly active besides still being very uncoordinated and easily looses balance. He's also been recovering from constipation from all this so I'm having to encourage him to drink more water via syringe per vet instruction. He's not up to healthy poos yet, but he's showing improvement. He has had a couple of falls in his cage but he fell no more than 6 inches. I have since confined him to flat land when unsupervised and hope that he doesn't break himself. During playtime I've watched him attempt to climb onto a shoebox and he barely makes it.

I'm wondering if my Otto will ever recover fully to be able to jump again or if he's permanently crippled.
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Old 11-26-2018, 10:39 AM United States
Rivergirl Rivergirl is offline
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Default Otto passed away

after a couple weeks of feeding him critical care and seeing some improvement in digestive issues, his mobility was on the decline. I'm guessing some part of the dental operation or his medication caused a nerve disorder.
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Old 05-18-2019, 02:02 AM United States
Devynthecatwithsocks Devynthecatwithsocks is offline
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I am so sorry!
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