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Old 08-11-2018, 04:48 PM United States
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smile Ferret Nation w/ Custom Bass Equip Pan, Flying Saucer -COMPLETE CHIN SETUP- Chicago

Hello CnH!

I have for sale a complete starter chinchilla setup! My chins were very spoiled, and I want someone else's to be too!

I am asking $300 for everything listed below. This set is all inclusive for the price, and I will not be shipping, so local pickup only please in the Chicagoland area! The cage does come apart and fold flat-ish, but both of our lives will be easier if you can pick it up with a truck!

Let's take a look! Here is an album with images of everything!

  1. MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit

    This is the two story Ferret Nation that has perfect bar spacing for chinchillas. It comes complete with two original plastic pans. The bottom plastic pan (with no cutout) has a small section where the plastic has been chewed away at the edge. This should not affect usability if covered with fleece liners. The pan with cutout is in very good condition. The cage also comes with original (never used) 2 shelves/ ledges as well as 3 wire ramps, but these are NOT appropriate for chins. They'd be fine for ferrets, I think, though.

    The cage itself is in like new condition. The castors are all intact and fully functional, and there is no rust or damage anywhere. Everything has been recently sterilized with white vinegar and a small amount of dish soap.

  2. Bass Equipment Custom Galvanized Steel Pan 3"

    This is a 3-inch deep stainless steel pan custom-sized to fit the Ferret Nation. You can use it on the bottom half of the cage or on the top half if you're dividing the cage into two separate sections. The deep lip is great for keeping hay and shavings in the cage! As you can see from photos, there is some rust and discoloration in the bottom of this pan, although it has been recently scrubbed and disinfected. The marks are permanent. My favorite way to use this pan is to wrap the entire thing in a pillow-case style fleece liner.

  3. Flying Saucer Wheel- Standard Size

    This is the standard size (13 3/4" in diameter) Flying Saucer perfect for a chinchilla. It comes with all hardware necessary to mount to the Ferret Nation. It's in great shape, and spins smoothly! Both of my chinchillas adored it!

  4. Untreated Pine Wooden Play Accessories

    A variety of awesome pine shelves and accessories! I can't for the life of me remember where all these items came from, but they work nicely inside the cage! As you can see from the photos, many of these pine items have been chewed on, which is what they're for! Everything has been thoroughly sanded down in order to sterilize.

    1 mountable tunnel with chin-chiller inside (the top functions as a ledge)

    1 giant cube with round cut-outs

    2 corner shelves and 2 normal square shelves

    1 "daybed" with cute fleece pillow

    2 suspended bridges

    1 AWESOME squiggly bridge that mounts to the back length of the cage!

    There is also a custom-built (by me!) graduated ramp that allows the chinchilla in the top section to climb up and down out of the cage! My boy learned to use it easily!

  5. Fleece Liners & Cage Accessories

    An awesome assortment of fleece items! There are 3 fleece liners total; 1 for the top, cutout portion of the cage, 1 for the bottom "normal" pan, and 1 pillowcase-style that can encompass the entire steel Bass Equipment pan. They are recently laundered and in "okay" condition. There is some permanent discoloration on one, but nothing terrible.


    1 fleece-lined tube that can mount to the side of the cage (chins love these!)

    1 half-circle fleece-lined ledge that also mounts

    2 pillows for the daybed that can clip to the bars

    1 round "cup" style bed

    1 hanging fort hideout with fleece pillow

    4 fleece hay-holders that can be clipped to the bars

    2 large hammocks that hang from the top of the cage.

    All hardware necessary to mount and hang these items is included!

  6. Other Accessories

    1 very nice metal carrying cage in great condition. This is necessary to own for vet trips, ect!

    1 Pyrex pan to be used as a litter box. I used these in top and bottom sections, and my experience is that males pee in them about 90% of the time, and it's nice to relegate your Aspen shavings just to the litterbox pans.

    1 plastic dust house (not to be kept inside the cage!)

    1 extra chin-chiller, and 2 large square marble tiles. These are great for holding down the edges of the fleece liners!

  7. Miscellaneous Toys and Treats!

    1 plastic drawer system. (You may take or leave this, but I found it super handy for storing all my chin supplies!)

    1 working gram scale that is perfect for weighing chinchillas.

    An ARRAY of hardware- large washers, wingnuts, metal carabiners, round clips & more! There is MORE than enough here to mount everything included.

    1 half-full container of Blue Cloud dust. This is the best dust I've ever used!

    Miscellaneous treats including rosehips, and unopened shredded wheat, which is great as a crumbled treat.

    1 bottle of Blu-Kote (never used)

    1 syringe dropper (never used)

    2 small ceramic food dishes that are the perfect size for daily pellet allotment!

    1 plastic mountable food dish. This is very hard plastic, and I've found that if chins have enough other enticing things to chew on, they leave it alone.

    1 GIANT box of appropriate chewing woods. All woods inside are specifically Okayed for chinchillas! There are rings that you can string up into a hanging toy, logs that they can carry around, ect.

    1 bag of apple twigs- a great treat that they love!

    1 wood branch that mounts

    1 large pumice rock

    1 pink pumice triangle

    2 willow (I think) braided ring toys

    1 bag of pumice/ lava rocks with holes that can be strung up

    1 bag of cardboard rings and toys

    ~12 loofah slices


As you can see, it's a lot of stuff, and encompasses many of the essentials you'll need for proper chinchilla husbandry! The cage in particular is the gold standard for chins, as you're probably well-aware if you're reading these forums!

Please feel free to DM if you have interest or any questions! Payment can be cash, Paypal, or Venmo. Thank you for looking!
gratuitous chinchilla photographs---> Little Chincha

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