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I cage side by side left alone for a week and then swapping which side they are on of the divider for another week. When I clean cages they get a supervised dust bath together in a neutral cage we just rotate them all through while their cages are cleaned. When they seem to be accepting each other while dusting I try to put them back in a clean cage together.

Sometimes adding the more dominant one to the other's cage prior to cleaning so it's not their territory has worked when one seems to be against sharing space. If one or both are 6months or less and occasionally with 2 more peaceful adults I sometimes don't even need to swap cage sides for a whole week. They just get along after sitting across the bars from each other and dusting together.

I always load the cage down with lots of sticks and new food when they are put in together. Sometimes we leave a dust bath container in there instead of using the dust bath cage. Distractions are good until they get over the fact their space has another chinchilla in it.
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