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The garden select is bad, chins should not have veggies. The oxbow deluxe and essentials are the same thing, it use to be called deluxe but the name changed to essentials. Also yes the other popular good brands are tradition (I think it's now called Hubbard Life Chinchilla Pellets) and Mazuri. If you have a lot of chins some high quality rabbit food is also ok, like MannaPro and MannaSho (depending on your needs), and Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe. Most rabbit foods come in big bags that is why I say "if you have a lot of chins", it's cheaper per pound but you will have a lot of waste if you don't go through it quickly.

Growing up I fed my chins Mazuri, I now feed my current ones Oxbow essentials. It just came down to what one was easily available where I live. The best one out of the primary 3 (oxbow essentials, tradition/Hubbard Life, and Mazuri) is really what your chin eats and you can get easily.
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