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Default champaign pinto female

this is a very difficult post for me to write, as I am looking for a possible new home for my girl Hidey.

I got her a few months ago (early july) from a breeder here in northern illinois. So she is less than a year old. She is absolutely beautiful, a champaign & white colored pinto. i will take pictures and post them as soon as i can, if there's interest.

I am a chinchilla owner, who used to have a hedgie a few years ago, and admittedly, kind of impulsively got Hidey a few months ago. I love my chinnies and they live a very good life, as I've had them for years and built a great bond with each of them . But I have not been able to give Hidey the same quality of life, mostly due to her noturnal habits and my own life events as of late. I feel like a bad pet owner. I have not had the time I thought I would have in order to bond with Hidey. I wish I did!!!

I'm wondering if there is someone in my area, or in driving distance, who might be able to give her a better quality of life. I don't want to "sell" her, or get back what I put into it, that's not what this is about (if it was, I'd post on Craigslist, not here). I just want to find someone who has the time to bond with her and make her happy. whether you have 1 hedgie already or 12. I'd give you her wheel, her hidey house, food bowl, water bottle, any food (i just bought a new bag), her toys (jingly balls), her fleece pouch she likes to snuggle in. (I would rather not give you her cage, as it's a used guinea pig type cage and I'd honestly be embarrassed to pass it on!)

Anyone interested in helping me out, let me know. thank you very much.
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