View Full Version : Chin Polls

  1. Favorite Fleece Item
  2. Where do you have Playtime?
  3. What do you use for bedding?
  4. Favorite Cage?
  5. WHat would you do If some one used Pics. ect of your Chin website without permission
  6. How old is your oldest chinchilla?
  7. Dust Mask Use
  8. Your chins' favorite treat item(s)?
  9. Chin poop
  10. Favorite Chinchilla fur color
  11. Favorite food for your chin
  12. Lowest Temperature You Feel is Fine for a Newborn Kit
  13. Favorite Part of a chinchilla
  14. If your chin had superpowers
  15. Chins Favorite Toy/s
  16. How Long Is Your Playtime?
  17. Chin name poll
  18. Best temperment by color
  19. I need a name for my new chinnie!
  20. Chin name :)
  21. Cage theme
  22. Ferret nation poll
  23. The best buy
  24. Your Chin's Favorite Toy
  25. Show Travel
  26. Tube size.
  27. Chinchilla?
  28. Chincilla or Degu's
  29. Number of females in herd
  30. Chins favorite sleeping spot
  31. How do you layer your fleece liners?
  32. Personal Education Poll - owner type vs chin age
  33. Poll..Chin spin or Flying saucer?
  34. Age
  35. Lixit or Super Pet
  36. Male to Female Owners
  37. How do you feed hay?
  38. Chin allergies?
  39. Weirdest places you have found chin poop
  40. another name poll.....
  41. One Male/Female OR Two Males or Two Females?
  42. How often do you Dust?
  43. names?!
  44. Toys your chin just won't touch
  45. Does your chin use their hammock?
  46. Does your chinchilla eat vegetables ?
  47. How do you post polls ?
  48. What is the most amount of kits your chinchilla has had in one litter ?
  49. The Dreaded Chin Ban
  50. Toy Part Sizes
  51. If your chinchilla could talk...
  52. Is Mork the only deaf chinchilla?
  53. Website options...
  54. Poll: What is your chin(s) favorite type of wood?
  55. What are the ages of chin owning members?
  56. Males vs. Females
  57. What's your favorite chin mutation?
  58. Cut of Timothy Hay ? 1st,2nd, or 3rd ?
  59. Unwrapped toys from pet stores
  60. Do you think... ( your own opnion)
  61. A Penny for Your Poops
  62. Enclosed or open sided?
  63. ~Do you have a back up cage?
  64. How did you dispose of your dead animal(s)
  65. BREEDERS! I want your input!
  66. BREEDERS! I want your input! Part 2
  67. What type of hay do you like to use?
  68. Where do you Scritch?
  69. Are your chins tame?
  70. Ferret Nation 142 owners who USE Fleece Liners
  71. How Ferret Nation 142 Owners Use Fleece Liners
  72. Fleece Tubes and Tube Covers
  73. Fleece Patterns
  74. girl chin vs boy chin
  75. Which is harder to take care of in general? A chin or a hedgie?
  76. How Many Chinchillas?
  77. Tile vs shavings
  78. Singin' to my Chins
  79. chin colors
  80. Search Button
  81. Have you owned a chin with Malo or another genetic defect?
  82. How low of a supply until you order feed?
  83. Your preferred method of introduction and why?
  84. If you could, what chin would you steal?
  85. How old were you when you got your first chin?
  86. What kind of chinchilla owner are you?
  87. Is your chin right handed or left handed?
  88. How much do you spend on your chin(s) monthly?
  89. dumbest thing your chin has ever done
  90. how many
  91. Saving on Shipping?
  92. Does your chin use a hammock?
  93. Which Food?
  94. What's at the bottom of your cage??
  95. What chinchilla cage do you have and would recommend?
  96. Licking the chinchiller?? Weird things they do?
  97. What is/are your chin/s favorite treats?
  98. Which hay do you like more?
  99. Soy Bean shavings - Input wanted.
  100. Chin and traveling
  101. What are your chin's crazy nicknames
  102. Pine Cones
  103. Chin taste in music?
  104. Chinchilla show live on-line
  105. How many of you have wheels or flying saucers?
  106. SHH... The Chins are Sleeping
  107. What types of bedding have you tried?
  108. Where do your chins like to pee?
  109. How long does it take you to clean a cage?
  110. Donating a chin for raffle??
  111. Wood, drilled or whole? Sticks or other?
  112. How good is your mad girl's aim....?
  113. Taking Advice From Someone With Zero Chins
  114. Do you prefer an Empress or MCBA Show?
  115. Location
  116. How much would you pay?
  117. Female chins feel the heat more than males?
  118. Poll: Does your chin have a wheel or saucer?
  119. What the best brand of hay?
  120. How did your furbabies get their names?
  121. What color chins should I get?
  122. What is your chins favorite kind of wood?
  123. Kit vs Adult
  124. Hammocks
  125. The Chin Wheel/Saucer Poll
  126. apple or willow wood
  127. Which food?
  128. Potential New Names for future chins... what do you think?
  129. who would you rather have chin-sit?
  130. How many sticks/twigs do you give per chin per week?
  131. What gauge wire do you prefer for toy making?
  132. Does your chin(s) chew fleece?
  133. Favorite/best online chin store?
  134. What temperature do you keep your chins rooms/house at?
  135. Favorite color/ Dream color
  136. Best thing about owning a chin?
  137. How long did it take you to tame your chins?
  138. Naming my new chin
  139. Male : Female Ratio
  140. Chins Birthdays
  141. How long have you been a chin_parent?
  142. Naming my newest chin
  143. How Does your Chinchilla Accept a Treat?
  144. Success Rate of Pairing
  145. Chinchilla Kisses.
  146. Male to Female Ratio: Human addition!
  147. How long did it take for your chin to warm up to you?
  148. Favorite Sleeping Place
  149. What hay do you feed your chins?
  150. Favourite Scritching Place.
  151. Tools of your trade
  152. Your Chin(s) Birthday Month?
  153. Owner, Breeder, or Admirer?
  154. First Rodent?
  155. Do you decorate your cages for seasons/holidays?
  156. Your Chin's Weight?
  157. Names
  158. Do you keep your chins in one cage?
  159. Chins and other pets
  160. how old was your chinnie when they passed?