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  1. Evacuation Plans
  2. Rescheduling Pick Ups.
  3. Is plastic really "THE EVIL"?
  4. The Future
  5. What makes a good/reputable breeder
  6. Breeding and Guaranteed Chinnie Health
  7. Are YOU buying?
  8. good buyer?
  9. How do you define a "rancher"?
  10. Ranch names vs non-ranch names
  11. When the previous owners want their chinchilla back
  12. Light tan vs. dirty bellied beige
  13. Charcoal or not?
  14. diet question
  15. why mark them when they are litter-mates?
  16. where to get rose hips
  17. Is it Evil?
  18. fleece vs nylon
  19. Smoke in the house with pets?
  20. Do you let people in your house or do you meet potential buyers
  21. More or Less Shelves?
  22. Wilson White
  23. Backyard Breeders
  24. PANR and Purina Mills Feeds
  25. Same initials...
  26. Vet money
  27. Have 2 Legged Children, Get Rid of 4 Legged Children...
  28. Pumpkin debate
  29. New Recessive White Mutation?
  30. Pedigreed Breeders
  31. bathing/washing a chinchilla
  32. Animal "Kids" or Vacations ... Which ?
  33. The Infamous "tail" Debate
  34. Isn't chinchilla.com's monopoly illegal?
  35. Argh! Craigslist people!!
  36. Vets Advice vs EXPERIENCED owners advice?
  37. When is a rescue not a rescue?
  38. Alfalfa
  39. Cage Size
  40. Made the mistake of watching a PETA Chin Fur Farm video.
  41. Vet Check Ups
  42. chinchillas grieving
  43. What would you do?
  44. Death balls
  45. Would you breed a pet store chin?
  46. Accidental Breedings
  47. Purchase agreements
  48. Getting numbers of chins in a short period of time?
  49. Clist and breeders
  50. New Curly Fur Mutation by Ritterspach?
  51. www.chinchillaplannet.com
  52. What would you do?
  53. Honesty
  54. Please help! :(
  55. Spur of the moment buyers...petshops...
  56. Pestsmart Chin info sheet....online
  57. I really need some level-headed advice
  58. Complaining over everything..
  59. Not sure if I should be a bit alarmed, or not
  60. Cagemates: Male & Female
  61. Best Brand of Feed
  62. Is putting a chinchilla in a show HUMANE?
  63. Baby vs. Adult. Pros & Cons to buying...
  64. Whats the deal on treats?
  65. What's in it for you? ECBC suggestions wanted.
  66. chins playing with other pets
  67. Show quality chinchillas
  68. How do you differentiate between a rescue and a hoarder.
  69. Herbs vs Dried Veggies - Food for thought?
  70. Newbies Breeding
  71. Selling out/herd reduction
  72. "Some mutations are inherently friendlier than others"
  73. Are chin personalities born or bred?
  74. Wilson White
  75. Self Vetting
  76. Breeders Selling to Petstores
  77. Is there a best feed?
  78. chin treats
  79. Is every new purchased female pregnant?
  80. Can't pay vet bill shouldn't have pet?
  81. Practice handfeeding prior to illness
  82. Newbie calling out the oldies
  83. Make Me an Offer
  84. Wheel debate!
  85. Pedigree Breeding vs Breeding on Appearance
  86. Breeding Bigger and Bigger Chins
  87. what is the best kind of dust??
  88. Mesh floors
  89. Animal Protein In Chin Pellets
  90. The "Big Boys"
  91. Under 6 Months...
  92. Line Breeding
  93. How often do you scrub/disenfect your water bottles?
  94. Shipping
  95. Hair Ring Checks
  96. Cage Cleaner?
  97. Pellet Poll
  98. Quarantining
  99. best cage?
  100. Diet question about pellets
  101. "Dwarf" Chinchillas
  102. Crazy idea?
  103. Giving Chins as Christmas Gifts
  104. At what point do you consider a chinchilla "sick"? Or "sick enough" to be put down?
  105. Chins do not overeat - true or false?
  106. Hairball causes impaction? Not.
  107. Domestication versus wild chinchillas (tw:some talk about fur farms.)
  108. To Necropsy or not to necropsy, that is the question!
  109. Adopting from craigslist?
  110. Bad breeders and unethical behavior.
  111. Baytril oral or injectable
  112. Chinchillas.com article about feed
  113. Breeding chinchillas and lines to use successfully
  114. Selling breeding pairs to people
  115. Cardboard Tubes
  116. Pedigree Information
  117. Malo chins.
  118. What is a good deal for a used FN?
  119. Super Pet and mainstream vendors
  120. Rescues and 501c3
  121. Curious about pedigrees
  122. Curious to know,Does the UK breed for colors?
  123. There are some things you just do not do in the chin business!!!
  124. Ebony Phenotype vs. Genotype
  125. Ending size of babies to adults from litters of multiples
  126. Do The Best Quality Kits Come From The First Litters
  127. New name for the Goldbar/Recessive Whites?
  128. Increase in feed prices?
  129. New On The Scene-EXPERT!
  130. Bathing Chinchillas with Water
  131. Cleaning vs. Enjoyment
  132. 13" vs 15" Chin-Spin
  133. Adult Chinchillas, should they have alfalfa in their diet?
  134. Do you think there is a place for hand feeding?
  135. Selling chins known to carry genetic issues to other breeders
  136. To roam or not to roam
  137. At what age would you consider malo genetic
  138. Leaving chins alone for days
  139. I don't get it.
  140. Breeders/ranchers posting on the forum
  141. Size
  142. Dwarfism, and Ethics in breeding
  143. Reintroduction Breeding Program
  144. Am I really doing this wrong!?
  145. Vet clinic with pet store?
  146. Chins from breeders ending up in rescue
  147. Breeders selling breeding pair to newbs.
  148. Chinnie Buddies-Do they work for you?
  149. Stress causing chewing and tooth elongation?
  150. Giardia
  151. Selling diseased animals
  152. Chinchillas in Popular Media
  153. Importing Angoras??
  154. Complaining at Petstores about Chinchilla Care?
  155. Bottled or tap water?
  156. Plastic, Crossbar or Too Small Wheel?
  157. Not letting Chinchilla s out of the cage
  158. Does size affect production?
  159. Perfect room temperature
  160. Metal mesh floor cages
  161. If you could start over in breeding *scenerio*
  162. I need to stop going on CL this happens too often
  163. When's the best time to adopt a chin from a breeder?
  164. Import chins in US.
  165. does this bother anyone else? My heart is broken.
  166. chinchillas in 4-H
  167. Wheels?
  168. Rescue Chins being bred by Petting Zoo
  169. Tree fell on coop - chin got out - dog killed it ...now what?