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  27. White Albino Female
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  41. Male buff tan Chin
  42. looking for an inexpensive chin friend
  43. sadly, I have to sell my chin baby
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  59. Bellflower, CA
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  78. Help!
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  81. ISO Home for 10yo Black Velvet Male
  82. 2 female Chins need a loving home, Maryland.
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  86. Two year old mosaic female
  87. Need emergency rehome Cleveland area Ohio
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  89. 2 girls in NJ
  90. Female Chinchilla in Southwest Michigan
  91. 2 loving boys need new home asap, free - Phoenix, AZ
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  93. two chinchillas needs new home @ Seattle/WA
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  97. Re-home Chin
  98. 2 Chinnies need new home by Nov 1- FN included
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  103. Chinchilla in Houston
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  111. 9 year old Beige female
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  120. 30 Chins need a home.
  121. 4 Gray Chins in (Male)-Philadelphia
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  123. Help! Mom died - kits 3 weeks old - need foster mom!
  124. One or Two male chins available for adoption in Los Angeles/Orange County CA
  125. Re-home needed for standard grey male, about 4 years old, Chicago south suburbs.
  126. Home needed for 1 1/2 year old male Chinchilla in Rochester, NY or surrounding areas