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  8. Goldbaar
  9. WTB: Female Chinchilla about 10 weeks to 9 months old Light violet color (light grey)
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  11. Looking for show/breeding quality beige and black velvet females.
  12. Female Pet Chin in Western Pennslvania
  13. Any breeders in Nova Scotia, Canada?
  14. ISO
  15. Ebony and Mosaic chin wanted
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  21. Chinchilla wanted
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  26. Looking for brown velvet - located near Bethlehem, PA but willing to drive a bit
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  32. Dark to XD Ebony Female
  33. White Mosaic or White Violet Female Kit in Northeastern states
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  35. chin breeders
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  39. WTB Standard or BV female(s) at WA ECBC field day
  40. BV VC female wanted, going to NY/NE show
  41. Any breeders in the Kansas City area?
  42. Any breeders is close to eastern panhandle of WV?
  43. Looking for breeder or rescue near San Antonio TX
  44. Female Chin in PA
  45. Looking for a female chin in Omaha, NE
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  56. Iso male chinchilla
  57. Central IL
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  62. Looking for Female Chin around Shelby County Alabama
  63. Looking for either a mosaic, black velvet or beige female-sd
  64. ISO: female chin in central/south Eastern Illinois
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  66. wanting 2 chinchillas in central illinois
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  80. ISO: Wilson White, Mosaic or Extreme Mosaic
  81. can't find a breeder
  82. ISO female chin Ca
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  84. Mosaic
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  91. San Diego?
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  100. Male Goldbar Carrier
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  124. (Missouri) wanted June 24th
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