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  1. Not always easy
  2. Would like opinions on injured baby
  3. Simese twins & a trip to the ER
  4. Picture of conjoined twin babies (warning, very graphic)
  5. Rough side of breeding (graphic)- good vibes needed
  6. dead baby.... :(
  7. THINK before you breed! Z6
  8. Now THIS is a horrible story
  9. Darien
  10. When one chin turns on another....(graphic pics).
  11. Mummified kit (caution, pics)
  12. What one chin can do to another<GRAPHIC pics>
  13. Conjoined twins...6 legs...don't look unless you have a strong stomach.
  14. Mummified Kit(pictures)
  15. Not a good year
  16. Rescue chins~ A day in the life...
  17. Valentine's Day Massacre
  18. The dreaded mummified kit...
  19. Almost lost the mother!
  20. Footling breech birth
  21. The Dreaded Fur Wads
  22. As if Handfeeding Triplets Isn't Enough/Orphaned Baby and Dad Rescue
  23. A50
  24. New Babies, Color? Possible Deformity? Help!
  25. another 'Think real hard before you breed'
  26. Dead Chinchilla Kit...
  27. Deformed or failed resorbed fetus